Elmar Marinas LLC is a specialised company manufacturing and distributing marina components and accessories.


We design and manufacture aluminium gangways of any dimensions and for any loading conditions. We also provide the associated structural design report and shop drawings. We can manufacture gangways with round profiles or rectangular profiles, powder coated or matt finish and we can install any type of decking on them (in most cases we use WPC). We manufacture and supply the top and bottom ramps, the wearing plate as well as the fixing brackets for installation to the bank seat. We can also provide the bank seat design if required.


Residential and Commercial Boardwalks

Boardwalks serve as a beautiful and functional addition to any marine construction property. Whether yours is a commercial or residential, well­ constructed boardwalks can add value to your property while also preserving the natural features of the area. Elmar Boardwalks are unique in terms of material choice, Stability and Durability. Our boardwalks are 100% maintenance free and does not corrode or crack by time.


Minimizing impact to the environment should be one of the highest priorities when designing a green wetland boardwalk. Given the various construction material choices in hand, Elmar has developed a system which are 100% environmental friendly and will not require any sort of maintenance by time.