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ELMAR is your one-stop-shop for the remarkable composites jetties and marinas, along with high-quality accessories, to the market for the last successful 10 years. With a durable marina system manufactured by ELMAR MARINAS, you get the finest and safest solution for your berth.

As a company that uses the latest technology in composite materials, we have been successfully making Custom Modular pontoons, gangways, access walkways, boathouse and marina accessories of different dimensions and specification to suit our client’s need and allowing them to choose from a range of colors and designs.

 We are confident that our versatile range of products suited for a variety of marinas has already become your preferred choice to add value to your investment..

About Us

The company has a long history of association with the marine industry in the United Arab Emirates.

Established in the 1980’s in the traditional shipbuilding area of Dubai, the company has been developing and subsequently manufacturing steel structures for marina and other industries for more than 20 years. From series of continuous research and development and testing various material combinations, Elmar developed an eco-friendly, cost-effective and highly durable material for floating solutions and structures called as “E-Composites”.

 In 2004 the company produced its first floating pontoon for the Abu Dhabi Coast Guard, Marine Construction Division. This was followed by many more pontoons produced over the next three years for the Coast Guard and private individuals.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to have our customers adding boats to their collection without having any hesitation. We always seek to provide our clients with the best possible cost-effective solution whilst being sustainable and fully committed to the international safety standards.

Our Team

We have with us a highly qualified and trained team of engineers and technicians who have obtained years of experience in this field and ready to serve the businesses with their best services. All team members are hand-picked and always strive to bring outstanding manufacturing quality.


The ultimate pontoon is a versatile option applicable to situations where a smart appearance, flexibility and durability is required. This premium solution is highly appreciated for its versatility along with easy DIY installation process. The fiber reinforced membranes are properly protected from UV radiation and from any weather condition which may alter the overall appearance and performance. These robust solutions are easy to install which can be upgraded with unique series of accessories. 



The private series pontoon will be shipped with in built premoium WPC Decking which is beside its outstanding look, its solid and durable in any application or weather system. There are 3 standard colors of decking which can be choosen by client while ordering the pontoons.


Protect your dock, and the prized marine craft that berth alongside it, with premium marine grade Fenders. Our marine rubber fenders are designed and manufactured in to withstand the harshest environment wihtout leaving any mark behind.

Elmar Light duty series pontoons has been proven to be long lasting in harshest environment such as Middle east till the coldest weather of Finland. Designed for various applications such as, Swimming platform, Light duty working platform, floating music stage, water parks or mooring pontoon, Elmar pontoons will provide you stability, buoyancy and durability. Products comes in Modular Pieces that can fit into a container and be shipped globally.

Pontoons are designed as mono-unit which means that the floating unit will be unsinkable and also will allow the user to upgrade accessories and apply load on the unit without worrying about the pontoon structure.


Explore our unique app which you gives you the possibility to design  your favorite marina!